Lets Nurture’s Life saver Free Android Application – Blood Monk

I am Jignesh Thanki from Ahmedabad. My Blood Group is – “O” Negative. I have been a blood monk and I am always available for family and friends for save life with donate blood.

I am very happy to say that Lets Nurture has once again ventured into social work domain and has come out with a Blood Monk – android application for the users.


Few days Ago,I am searching on Google Play store for downloading medical application,and I find this life saver androidapp developed by Lets Nurture’s Developers. I downloaded this Android application from Google Play and help myself and my relatives in getting timely help in quicker time.

This Blood Monk – An Android application help us to not only find names of blood monks in the city (Ahmedabad) on time but also searching information on the nearest hospitals in very less time.

I Registered Blood Monk – Here you can register yourselves or your relatives name as the future blood donor and come of help to other people or humanity in time.


By ‘search Blood Monk’ you can find blood donors with their blood groups and their home area. And at last, the “Monks on Map” contains gives information about all registered blood donors, Hospitals and associated blood banks, which will be displayed on the Google Map.


Thanks to Lets Nurture for making this life saver Android application for People of Ahmedabad.With this android application we can help more and more people.I am sure you can also say about this Android application to your friends and Relatives and be a part of helping the society.


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