CARTOONBOOK – Free Educational Android application for Kids by Lets Nurture

After a long time, I had gone to my sister’s home. When I reached there, my nephew is watching “Cartoon Network” channel on television and enjoy popular cartoon – ‘THE POPEYE SHOW‘. I also like Tom & Jerry, Popeye, BATMAN & many more fictional characters.

I remember memories of my childhood when I watching this cartoon.During a television break I asked my nephew which is your favorite cartoon character?? she gave me answer that Popeye is one of my Favorite cartoon character and I like to see him when he is eating Spinach & after getting Spinach power he is become more powerful and fight against enemies and save people.

After watching this television Show time I am searching cartoons android application on Google Play Store from my smart phone and found one of the best educational cartoon applications called – “CARTOON BOOK” for Kids and I downloaded FREE which is developed by Lets Nurture. With this Educational application remembering my fondest memories of my childhood time and remember my favorite cartoon characters.

We all know this cartoons -Tom and Jerry, Popeye show is very popular in television industry between Kids, young generation people and adults. This Android App help to kids to know very nearly about their Favorite Characters, their name, their history.

I am sure you also download this FREE Android application – cartoon book on your smartphones and learning about cartoons characters to kids and relatives. Lets Nurture also created android applications for Kids like-  Fruit Book, Vegetable Book, Building Book, Color Book and many more.

Really these cartoon characters inspire us, move us and have in many ways shape our life. This Cartoon Book Application helps us to build mental development in kids and improving them!


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