Sacred Indian Places – Useful Android application for search out shrines when Travel India

There are many religions in our country- India, and even a greater number of Temples. Some of the famous temples in India are the Kedarnath Temple, the Somnath temple, the Golden Temple, the Khajuraho temple & many more.

Few Months ago, my college friends – Kuldeep, Manan, Nilesh, Marmik, Dhaval & Pratik made a plan to visit the Somnath temple (one of the very ancient temples of India located in Gujarat). But they had no idea on how to reach there, where to stay and how to get basic information about temples.

After searching on Google Play Store, they found out one of the best Travel Android application – Sacred Indian Places and Downloaded free from Google Play Store on their Smartphones, created by Lets Nurture.

By this Mobile Android Application- Sacred Indian Places, my friends easily got basic information about shrines they had chosen to go in the form of Basic history of the temples, current and cultural significance of the shrine, and the nearest city in the state with their images as well.

Sacred Indian Places.letsnurture

My Friends got corresponding images of the temple that showed the build and structure of the temple. The application also helped them to get the information about general approximate distance from the transport destination to shrines. They got the approximate distance from the railway station, bus station or airport to the temple they wanted to go.

Sacred Indian Places2.letsnurture

Really a wonderful Android application for travelers who want to search out shrines, when they are travelling in India and would like to go there. In this android application, clients get some useful categories of shrines like –Temples, Churches and Mosques, which are also included with their names.

Sacred Indian Places is really a cool app and a help to easily get information about Indian shrines and save time during travel. By This app, we can also add our own knowledge about shrines.


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