Easy Task Manager – An Android application help to manage our daily Tasks easily

When we are busy at that time sometimes we forgotten our important task of day. Lets Nurture helps us with created another android application called – Easy Task Manager.

The ‘Easy Task Manager’s Features:

– By this android application – Easy Task Manager, we can Remembering different type tasks at hand before our scheduled day or time
Get Alerts before a scheduled tasks with time and date reminders
– we can also Sharing of a scheduled tasks with our friends
– Remembering and making notes from scheduled tasks
– We can also Adding photos to notes and tasks scheduled
– Edits of tasks and notes made in a simple way
– Personalized ‘Easy Task Manager’ version of making notes and synchronizing
– Available Search option for Tasks scheduled.
– English Language support
Android O.S with Min 2.2 and Max 4.2 version

I downloaded this cool android application Free from Google Play Store. By this android application you can easily manage your daily important tasks from your smartphones.


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