Became a Part of Mega Event DevFestAhmedabad 2013 by GDG Ahmedabad with Team Lets Nurture

Hello friends… I am very happy to write this blog and sharing some beautiful memories of last week’s Mega Event – DevFestAhmedabad 2013 held at IIM-Ahmedabad, Vastrapur by GDG Ahmedabad.

First write this blog I thanks to Ketan Raval who helped me to attend this event and I learning much more from speakers and developers who sharing their knowledge during this event. Here came more than 400 students & developers become a part of this event.

Devfestahm2013 tshirt

Lets Nurture – Design Sponsor of DevFestAhmedabad event and I went in morning with my TeamLets Nurture at IIM Ahmedabad. Here some event speakers came from different states of India and sharing their ideas to us. On Date 15th September 2013 it was day to celebrate 1st Happy Birthday of GDGAhmedabad.

with students and developers I took my place on seats and Ready for DevFestAhmedabad event. All developers Started tweeting with #DevFestAhm and #GDGahmedabad tags to win some cool prizes and make a trend on Twitter:)

Event started at 9:45 AM and First speaker Mr. Uttam Tripathi (Program Manager for developer Relations @Google India) gave a presentation to us about GDG Introductions and Program activities. They inspiring developers for making incredible apps and said support communities and inspire all developers and engage with them regular.

After,Mr. Paresh Mayani came on stage and talking about one year’s activities by GDG Ahmedabad and wish a Happy Birthday.

Next speaker Miss Kanan Rai (Strategic Acquisitions Manager @ Google India) gave a wonderful presentation to developers and talking about Mobile monetization: how to build an app business. After her presentation i know that india is now 3rd market globally in terms of number of smartphones and 121 million mobile internet users.

Next speakers Mr. Riteish Ambastha (Director at gave a presentation to developers about HTML5 Features and its Demo. During their session we remembered Steve Jobs with watching video with HTML 5 Video lesson.

And after coming on stage –Mr Prajyot Mainker (Manager, GOA Android User Group) came on stage and said- Hello, I am prajyot and I am not a terrorist:) and started to talking about Bootstrapping Mobile App Development services and sharing their ideas to us.

And at 12:30 Google Student Ambassadors –Brijesh patel, Vaibhavi Desai, and Harneetsingh Shital (who starting his presentation with say loudly I support Google and You??) speaked about GSA program and they make us aware about Google student Ambassadors program.


Before Lunch Everyone be a part of wish and celebrated Happy Birthday of GDG Ahmedabad with cutting cakes (with Paresh mayani, ketan raval, Riteish Ambastha, Mitesh sanghvi, Jaydeep parikh, amit panchal and many more..)and also we team lets nurture wearing colourful Glass during celebrations and feeling like  wearing GOOGLE GLASS:)


And after three hours of event, it’s Lunch time for Speakers and developers . we enjoyed lovely food like- Domino’s Pizza and cold drinks with friends.

After Lunch, it’s awesome Musical session for us by GDG Ahmedabad and Cool Guitarist -Rishikesh came on stage and he performed like ROCKSTAR with singing Romantic songs like – Gulabi aankhe jo teri dekhi and another songs like – Raabta (From Movie- Agent Vinod)& also singing superhit song from Movie – Aashiqui2- Tum hi ho!


Next session started with speaker Jeyanthan(Organizer at GDG Chennai) talking about GIT & version control system (GIT is an open source, design for speed and efficiency developed by Linus Torvalds) and we learning lots of things and thanks for beautiful presentation.

And last Speaker’s Session start, Mr. Jaydeep parikh (CEO-TejsolPro) coming on stage and everyone excited about their presentations: How to Be Spartans of App Promotions and during their session they talking and share important tips to us and we know about Kick start (kick start: it’s part of development. no thinking about marketing) and SEO.

At last developers asked their questions to panel discussion team and take a Tea time and took a beautiful group pictures with developers.

#DevFestAhm and #GDGahmedabad these both #Hash tags are trend on Twitter during this event and thanks to social media team who make this mission successful.

Trend on Twitter

I learnt lots of things and back to home at 6:00PM.

Thanks to GDG Ahmedabad Team for this wonderful Event – Devfest2013 Ahmedabad.


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