FRUIT BOOK- Light Education for kids to learn about fruits on Android Phone

Normally meaning of Fruits -The fleshy seed-associated structures of a plant that are sweet or sour like – Mango, apple, orange, grapes, strawberry, banana, water melon, Guava, chickoo and many more.

colorful ripe fruit composition isolated on white

We all know Fruits are everyone’s favorite food.My Favorite Fruits are Pineapple & Mango. Last Sunday, I went to Reliance Fresh (At Memnagar-Ahmedabad) for bought vegetables & Fruits with my 9 years old nephew. During shopping she asked me questions about Fruits- where fruits are grown and what benefits of it?

After shopping I went to home and think how many kids or even we elders know about Fruit names & basic information about it? I try to find android application which provide all information about Fruits on my smartphone and try to give light education to my nephew about Fruits.

From Google Play store downloaded one of the best educational free android application for my nephew called – “Fruit Book”, which is created by Lets Nurture.

Fruit Book.letsnurture

from Fruit Book application we get some useful informations like:
– Name of Fruits
– Basic information about fruits
– Where fruits are grown?
– Benefits of the fruits
– Scientific names of fruits

Fruit Book1.letsnurture

My nephew enjoy and learning about fruits with lots of information by this android application.

Thanks to Lets Nurture for developed this type educational app for kids and try to help. They also created Apps for kids like – color book, vegetable book, Occupation Book, Cartoon Book, Building book and many more.

I am sure you download this awesome educational android application and teach your kids about fruits.


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