Why Aren’t People Talking About Me Behind My Back?


The Good Greatsby

They say ‘success breeds envy,’ and I spend a lot of time wondering: If I’m as successful as I think, why aren’t more people envious of me? And when I say ‘why aren’t more people envious of me?’ I could just as easily write, ‘why aren’t any people envious of me?’

And why aren’t more people talking trash about me behind my back? After thirty-five years of major successes, the only person I’m certain talks behind my back is my mom. And I’m not even sure I can count my mom’s criticism as taking place behind my back since it usually starts to my face, and she just keeps talking as I walk away.

You know that awkward feeling you get when you approach a group of people and they suddenly stop talking and everyone wears an awkward expression, and you realize they had just been talking about you?


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