#Google gave me custom vanity URL for my Google Plus Profile page

Now anyone can get their own custom URL and replace their long Google+ URL.

Google began offering custom URLs to celebrities and famous brands in last year 2012. Now, it’s your turn to set your own custom URL for Google Plus Profile Page 😀

This is my Long Google+ profile URL – https://plus.google.com/104760865281906499494 and now i get my custom vanity URL (+jigneshthanki)from Google. Follow this below steps for custom URL for your profile and business page.

Users required :
– Your Google Plus account that is 30+ days old
– A profile image for this account
– Minimum 10 or more followers on this G+ account

jignesh thanki - Google+

For Business page, you need to link your page with your site or use Google+ Local and verify your local businesses.

Here sharing guidelines for set custom URL for Google Plus Page:

– First going to Dashboard on your Google Plus Page account,
– Here you can see some tabs on the top, go to for your website
– install a badge on your website. By adding the snippet of code to your site, you will help understand your page’s popularity.
– After return to your Dashboard, select edit page under overview tab.
Add link to your website on Google Plus page.
– Waiting for Google approval response & and custom URLs for your own website.- you can get notification direct on your mobile. otherwise you can also receive an email or notification when you sign in to Google Plus account.

Get custom url jigneshthanki

Google just handed out custom short URL’s to business pages and personal profiles and this is the one they gave me https://plus.google.com/+jigneshthanki/


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