Create #Twitter’s new custom timelines in #TweetDeck

yesterday Twitter announced the addition of new custom timelines to TweetDeck.


I create my own custom Timeline and Here’s a quick look at how to create my own timelines in TweetDeck.  if you don’t have it yet you can create easily by below steps. 😀

First TweetDeck will show us a popup alert message once custom timelines have been enabled for our own account like this.

custom timeline

If no show popup alert message…Don’t worry look for the “+” icon on the left-hand side of the main home screen. & click on the “+” to add a new column.

TweetDeck plus iconA new window will appear with many column options, but look at the very bottom of the list for “Custom Timeline;” click that one.

1st step tweetdeck

To get started, we Require first add a column and choose the new “Custom timeline” option. Here we can name our timeline up at the top and add description.


custom time line name & description

Then select users/content and add to our custom timeline like this

add to timelineFinally…you can created your Own custom Time line & looking like this. 😀

Friends timeline

To browse other users’ custom timelines, open up their profile card on Tweetdeck and click the “Custom timeline…” tab:


Once we have completely filled our custom timeline, we can easily share our timeline with our friends and followers, or embed it into a blog or news post on another platforms.

share timeline

you can check out my own Custom line on Twitter. and Now It’s your Turn to create your own Custom Timeline 😀


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