Monthly Meeting with #SEO members at Lets Nurture

We at Lets Nurture provide affordable SEO services to our customers from Ahmedabad & UK Branch.

Lets Nurture

Yesterday after lunch break, we gathered at office No. 323. (KalasagarMall,Ghatlodiya,Ahmedabad) for our monthly meeting on SEO. We started our monthly meeting with our Team Leader Yashpal goswami, HR (Rupal Modi) and Our Boss Mr.Ketan Raval 😀

Monthly meeting

We discussed about what we did in October and sharing our ideas and discussed about what we do in next month.

During Meeting Mr.Ketan Raval(Nurturer of Lets Nurture) give some useful advice about SEO, social media, how to do team work, importance of TIME.

Our SEO Team Members:
– content writers Team: Kuldeep, Rajal, Meha
– SEO (On Page & Off page optimization) & social media team: Milan,Raviraj,Vikram,Jayesh,Mit,Yashpal,Jignesh.

After completed Meeting, Our Team Leader (YASHPAL) decided to give weekly task everyone & find new websites and new “Word of the DAY” and also announced every saturday three persons speech in English on their favourite topic. This is useful and good idea for everyone to speak and learn powerful English.

I try to improve myself & help to other my team members for manage their work easily!
waiting for next mont meeting 😀


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