When Living Legend Hero #SachinTendulkar Retired I was Alive!

India’s icon, and my favourite cricket player – SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR, who left other batsmen trailing in his wake and bowlers with enduring nightmares, played his final test against west Indies at wankhede stadium in Mumbai last week.

Special Tribute to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar:
BCCI makes twitter history with India’s Living Legend Hero – Sachin Tendulkar.

BCCI (The Board of Control for Cricket India), Twitter and Digigraph’s partnership  gave chance to people their own piece of this historic moment, with digitally autographed photoes sent to everyone who tweeted #THANKYOUSACHIN to mentioned @BCCI during the Master blaster sachin tendulkar’s final test match & I also got digitally autographed 😀

Jigs 1 autographsachin

Final Day Of Sachin:

(Image source: BCCI)

(Image source: BCCI)

Sachin on Ground 2

(Image Source:BCCI)

Thank you sachin 1In my Life I never forgot that day (16-11-2013, Saturday) & that Last time Sachin’s speech (Farewell Speech I saw on You Tube) make every one emotional & only tears as Tendulkar says goodbye at The Wankhede. ground!!

At that time I was working at Lets Nurture with my SEO team and I missed that moment to Watch LIVE.

on 15th November 1989, sachin played first ball and on 15th november 2013 bowled last ball

sachin’s life with cricket: “24 years & two days. (8768 days,1252 weeks, 210,432hours, 12,625,920 minutes & 757,555,200 seconds)”.

I am saying to our next generation that When Sachin Retired I was Alive! Thank You Sachin…


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