Easy To Manage Your Twitter Event With TwiEvents App

#Twievents Pro – An App for events by @letsnurture

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In this era, when most business and marketing is done online. In a remote mode, modern factors of productive event management earn importance. LetsNurture has thought something forward and gone a step further and has made a twitter application for events. An application is TwiEvents app, this application focuses on event registration for twitter users. TwiEvents app helped many users to organize their twitter event time during this busy schedule.

TwiEvents app will allow you to create or declare any event by determining his choice of keyword and HashTag. You will be able to connect with the world and express yourself very easily.

There several interesting features of TwiEvents app like:

  • You can manage event name and event time duration
  • You can also manage two corresponding events
  • Allows you generate report in CSV format
  • Track user wise data
  • Can view top Participants in the event
  • List of HashTags used…

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