A New Tweet Activity Analytics Dashboard By Twitter

Social Media website Twitter announced a new Tweet Activity Analytics Dashboard for advertisers, Twitter card publishers and verified users that shows them detailed data on how their organic tweets are doing.


On Twitter, nothing comes between our Tweets and our followers.The Tweet activity dashboard can help us to create content that resonates most with followers, who have the ability to amplify our brand’s message even further through actions like Retweets, mentions or replies.

The Tweet activity dashboard is now available to all advertisers, Twitter Card publishers, and verified users around the world. Now advertisers can see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic Tweets, so that they can more effectively optimize their content strategy.

With the new dashboard,Now we can see:

– How our Tweets are performing in real time.

– we can Compare impressions (times a Tweet is viewed by anyone on Twitter web and Android or iOS apps, including logged-out users), total engagements and Retweets month over month.




Followers Twitter Analytics

– With Using the Tweet details page we now see how many Retweets, replies, favorites, follows, link clicks and embedded media clicks each Tweet we received.


– Now we can Export Tweet performance metrics into a CSV file, which now includes both organic and promoted data.



This Tweet Activity Dashboard can help us identify fast which Tweets drive the highest engagements and impressions.


If you want to try this new tweet activity dashboard,you can Find it Here. 🙂


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