Use “Retweet With Comment” Feature & Share your Thoughts on Twitter!

Use “#Retweet With #Comment” Feature on @Twitter

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Twitter has left big mark on the Internet as one of the best micro blogging websites that let us share our thoughts in just 140 characters. As we know that it can contain text, photos, and videos and there are millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.

I far as I believe, there is only one big disadvantage of this social networking website. And it is the character limit. I have felt several times that due to limitation of characters, it becomes to difficult to express myself in a precise 140 characters. For this reason, Twitter has lots of dead accounts as people are not able to connect with Twitter’s philosophy of 140 characters.

Now, This disadvantage is no longer with us as Twitter has recently launched its new feature “”retweet with comment”. This feature will allow you to tweet of others as a quote along with…

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LinkedIn Update: The New Design Spotted on the LinkedIn Page

#socialmedia: #Linkedin Latest Design Update

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LinkedIn design has some change the appearance in its latest update just before few hours. You can clearly observe that the Like, Comment and Share buttons are now glowing in dark blue. Previously all these buttons were in grey color and now they are turned to bluish color.

LinkedIn Updates its Design:

Just before few hours I found that LinkedIn has added few new options to show your profile stats at the top of the home page in a different way. The overall view of the page has been changed which gives a fresh look to your profile’s home page. Right below the profile, the LinkedIn Pulse has also changed a bit in appearance. See the below image, you will understand it quite easily:

LinkedIn Update of Design

Few Floating Changes:

It was also observed that few ads flow down as you scroll the posts on the page. The people celebrating their anniversary were also…

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Transfer 1GB Within 3 Seconds Using Samsung’s Lightening Fast 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology!

#Samsung’s Lightening Fast 60GHz Wi-Fi #Technology!

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Lightening Speed of Samsung WifiStuck due to low Wi-Fi speed for faster transmissions? Samsung is developing a 60GHz WI-Fi technology, with a speed of 575MB per second to transfer 1GB movie from one device to another within or in 3 seconds. Reports say that it would be the fastest ever Wi-Fi transfer if implemented. Not only file transfers but the HD videos from mobile to LCD TV will not buffer any more. Infact, you can see it as a real-time video.

Samsung WifiA strong answer to Apple?
When it comes to making a mark in the present competitive world, there are many companies coming up with some unique concepts to make their sales better. What could be a better answer than this from Samsung to its competitors?! This Wi-Fi speed is capable of transferring the files with a blink of your eye. The time the technology is out in the market…

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Blood Monk: An App to Help You Save Lives!

An App to Save Lives in an Emergency! Download – #BloodMonk

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There is no alternative to blood. You can say it is irreplaceable! Moreover, blood is something you hardly get when needed the most. Every drop of blood is important to save the life of any person in the world. You might have felt that it becomes pretty difficult to find the donors bang on time.

But what if you were told that you can get an access to hundreds of donors within minutes through an android app? Yes, it is the Blood Monk App that gives you a chance to find the donors of any blood group present in the database. It displays all the persons with the similar blood group you search through this app.

Blood Monk App

Just have a look at the simple steps that you need to go through before you get in touch with a donor:

Download Blood Monk App:

First thing you need to do is to…

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Codementor: A Website That Offers Programming Experts for You!

A Website That Offers #Programming Experts!!

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There are times when you spend hours to solve the programming errors. This might be due to bugs, stack overflow, etc. The developers who have been working since a decade might not face problems with such kind of problems, but the ones who are still learning will find it hard to solve the issues in programming.

To avoid such problems, Codementor is a perfect platform to get a quick response for any kind of technical error in the programming. Now, let us see some more interesting faces of Codementor:


What is Codementor?

Codementor is an online firm that gives you a chance to connect directly with over 1,200 skilled developers from Google, Amazon and even O’Reilly book author. You can arrange one-on-on sessions with one of the experts via voice or video chat.

Codementor- Video call

What the experts do at Codementor?

As the expert developers have extensive knowledge about all the programming…

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Quick Tips to Revive Your iPhone’s Battery Life When Using iOS 8!

Quick Tips to Revive Your iPhone’s Battery Life When Using #iOS8!

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After the release of iOS 8, many Apple users have been complaining about the shorter battery life. The experts have found that these battery problems are due to various reasons.

Battery Life of iOS 8

Some of them are due to unnecessary running applications when not in use and some might be due to the way you use it. Well, this is not the first time that you are facing the problems with the Apple OS for iPhones and iPads. Isn’t it? There were many methods to improve the battery life. Here are some of the tips that will help you to enhance the battery life when you use iOS 8 on your Apple devices:

Shut the location app down:

This is where the major amount of battery life is consumed. When you use navigation or maps to track or find a particular location, shut down the app once you reach the destination. It will…

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