Watched the Live-streaming of #WWDC2014 @LetsNurture (Day-1)

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 took place on (June 2-6 2014) in San Francisco, USA that gave an in-depth look at the latest in  and OS X.

WWDC 2014

At LetsNurture, Ahmedabad watched the live-streaming of #WWDC14 with Ketan Raval & Yashpal Goswami.

WWDC2014 live streaming

In a two-hour keynote, the company Apple detailed what is being introduced to its mobile and desktop software in the next 12 months. The event of WWDC2014 was began with melodious modern music played the in the background.

Tim Cook arrived on stage and thanked the developers.He said that it’s the 25th Worldwide Developers Conference and also said Apple has brought 1,000 of its engineers to talk to an audience that is from 69 countries and 2/3rd of it is brand new to WWDC. Apple has 9 million developers, which is now 47% up as compared to the last year.

Timcook on stage - WWDC2014

Craig Federighi – the senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple Inc was invited on the stage to talk about OS X.

craig Federighi.wwdc2014

He also suggested that Apple addressed this year’s release ‘OS X Oxnard’ as Rancho Cucamonga and Weed (all cities in California). However, Apple is addressing it as OS X Yosemite.

As a part of worldwide developer’s conference in 2014, Apple announced and introduced a number of new features in both OS X and iOS. check below List of what Apple announced at WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) 2014:

OS X Yosemite features a slew updates to its Mail and Safari apps and Users can now send files up to 5GB in size via the Mail Drop feature, or mark up images straight in the app before sending them off.

OS X Yosemite-WWDC2014

– Airdrop: It works between iOS and OS X using its proximity awareness technology called Continuity. We can transfer documents between our iPhone and Mac, or receive caller ID on our Mac and even pick up the call or dial straight from the computer.


Apple also Introducing “Family Sharing” feature which allows up to six family members using the same credit card to access the same purchased item.


– Swift: Apple also shocked developers at WWDC 2014 with the announcement of a new programming language called Swift which will replace Objective C. Apple claims Swift is faster than Objective C and said that it can still work alongside the language, with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.


– iCloud Drive: With OS X Yosemite comes Apple’s iCloud Drive, a cloud-based storage system that works from within the Finder. The documents are also in sync across other Mac computers and iOS devices. Windows users will be able to access the files as well!


– ios 8 Updates/Features:
iOS 8 brings updates to its Mail app which features a Mailbox-like swipe gestures, such as swipe far left to delete, right to mark as unread or swipe left to archive.


– The Spotlight suggestions feature also integrates results from Wikipedia entries, the App Store and iTunes, to name a few.


iOS 8 also includes quick actions to its push notifications, so we can respond straight from the lock screen or while we’re engaged in another app.

In the Messages update, users can opt to leave group conversations, set a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to halt notifications for various durations, share locations or send audio or video messages. If you receive an audio message, you can just raise the phone to your ear to listen to it straight from the lock screen. The audio and video messages self-destruct after two minutes, Snapchat-style.


– Notifications: With iOS 8, we will now be able to interact directly with notifications from banner alerts and the lock screen. For instance, we can swipe down on a text message banner notification in order to reply directly without switching to the Messages app. also Third-party developers will be able to creates widgets for Notification Center.

– HealthKit: iOS 8 also includes HealthKit, a repository for health data from other apps, including third-party offerings. Apple is working with the Mayo Clinic app to integrate HealthKit to automatically contact doctors in response to blood pressure levels.


– Photo storage: Apple is improving iCloud photo storage so that our iOS devices will have access to all photos we have taken across all devices. The storage will come at a price, though. we will have access to improved photo editing features on our iPhone and iPad, as well as improved search to find all our snaps.


– TouchID: Now with iOS 8, apps will be able to use Touch ID for authorization. we will be able to use our thumbprint to access our account through our bank app.


– Mail: Mail on iOS now lets us swipe to flag or mark as unread. When composing an email, now we can swipe a draft down to find another messages and then tap to bring it back up.

– Search: The iOS 8 search bar includes suggestions such as apps you have yet to install, Wikipedia articles and news.

– QuickType: A new learning QuickType feature will offer predictive typing, similar to Swiftkey. Developers will also be able to create system-wide third-party keyboards. By default, extended keyboards will work offline, but they can request permission to also sync online.


– Voice and video messages: Apple reworked the Messages app for iOS 8. Group messaging threads can now be titled, set to do-not-disturb. We can also push-to-record self-destructing audio and video messages & listen to and reply to audio messages by raising our iPhone to our ear.

Voice and video messages.wwdc2014

– iCloud Drive: The new iCloud Drive cross-device file sharing service works on iOS 8 across apps.

icloud drive.wwdc2014

– Enterprise: Apple has added new enterprise-focused features to iOS. we can share our documents through central company clouds, and shows calendar availability when making appointments.


Apple also announced Metal 3D graphics SDK (offers as much as a 10x reduction in overhead over OpenGL),new HomeKit and CloudKit SDKs. HomeKit will help developers integrate connected home apps with iOS and Siri, while CloudKit will offer scaling cloud storage for developers.

Developer features: Alongside iOS 8, Apple has added a number of new features aimed at keeping developers happy. Now Developers will also be able to create Extensions that can hook into other apps.

watch this full HD Video if you missed to watch DAY-1 of#WWDC2014Event.(video-via:Sarah Alawami)