Twitter Fixed The Quote Tweet Button

Today when I tweeting on Twitter from @letsnurture (One of the Best IT Company, Ahmedabad, India) find out Twitter is finally fixing the quote tweet button.

The quote button now embeds the tweet instead of just quoting it as text.

Previously, when we click “quote tweet” on mobile, it just loaded the text of the entire tweet into the compose window. Now it’ll embed the tweet instead.

With this new change, We can use 116 characters to add our comments.

Quote Tweet Button

(This new quote tweet button is rolling out to iPhone and Web users yesterday and coming for Android users in the near future – Report )

#Poetweet – An App Turn our Tweets into Poetry

Today I Found the perfect app for us: Poetweet. This simple website will turn our tweets from banalities into sweet poetry.

Poetweet mashes up our Twitter account’s recent tweets, letting us choose from sonnet, rondel or indriso forms.

we can try it out with other people’s accounts also. For example, Here’s a poem about Lets Nurture.


Poetweet takes a little while to get our tweets from Twitter, and it doesn’t require to Log-In. 😀

Enjoy & Read your Tweets into Poetry!!

Best practice to increase social values on #Twitter

I am Jignesh Thanki from Lets Nurture Working on SEO & Social Media Since 2010.

Here I share some Best practice to increase social values on twitter


1) Shorter Tweets:


Try to Share your best ideas and emotions with shorter Tweets (According to Data Shorter tweets with around 110 characters get 17% higher engagement)

2) Tweets on Weekend (Saturday & Sunday):
Weekends are not the time to take a break from Twitter. If you want engagement, schedule tweets for Saturday and Sunday. (According to the data, engagement is 17% higher on the weekends than it is on weekdays.)

3) Ask for Retweets:

When you ask your followers for a retweet, you have a good chance of getting one.

4) Use #Hashtag:

HashtagsHash tags double engagement rates and also create higher visibility on Twitter.

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Latest updates on #SocialMedia in 2015

Here I writeen about some latest updates on Social Media in 2015!!

1. Twitter Timeline Changes:

Twitter adding suggested tweets from accounts users are not following us.

Twitter timeline

Few days ago, another features Twitter rolled out – “While you were away” Which highlights tweets from our timeline that we may have missed while not using the twitter application.

2. New LinkedIn Homepage:

LinkedIn updated its homepage with analytics. Now when we log into LinkedIn, we will immediately see how many people have viewed our page.


3. Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons:

Facebook introduced 7 new call-to-action buttons for their events Pages feature.

Facebook call-to-actionPage Admins can select from a group of Call-to-action buttons.

The 7 Calls to Action Available are:

– Use App

– Play Game

– Shop Now

– Sign Up

– Watch Video

– Book Now

– Contact us

4. New Instagram Filters:

Instagram released 5 new filters for users to choose from.

Instagram.filtersInstagram’s new filters – Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua, will now appear first in the filter tray of the updated app.

5. Google Enhances Status Updates:

Google Plus & Chrome Hangouts rolled out a new feature which allows us to post status updates with cool integrating emojis.

Here I share the moments that made my 2014 memorable with hashtag #AmazingLetsNurture in 2014.

AmazingLetsNurtureWish you all Happy New Year 2015!

A New Tweet Activity Analytics Dashboard By Twitter

Social Media website Twitter announced a new Tweet Activity Analytics Dashboard for advertisers, Twitter card publishers and verified users that shows them detailed data on how their organic tweets are doing.


On Twitter, nothing comes between our Tweets and our followers.The Tweet activity dashboard can help us to create content that resonates most with followers, who have the ability to amplify our brand’s message even further through actions like Retweets, mentions or replies.

The Tweet activity dashboard is now available to all advertisers, Twitter Card publishers, and verified users around the world. Now advertisers can see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic Tweets, so that they can more effectively optimize their content strategy.

With the new dashboard,Now we can see:

– How our Tweets are performing in real time.

– we can Compare impressions (times a Tweet is viewed by anyone on Twitter web and Android or iOS apps, including logged-out users), total engagements and Retweets month over month.




Followers Twitter Analytics

– With Using the Tweet details page we now see how many Retweets, replies, favorites, follows, link clicks and embedded media clicks each Tweet we received.


– Now we can Export Tweet performance metrics into a CSV file, which now includes both organic and promoted data.



This Tweet Activity Dashboard can help us identify fast which Tweets drive the highest engagements and impressions.


If you want to try this new tweet activity dashboard,you can Find it Here. 🙂