Inspirational Story of An Armless Indian Cricketer

This is why you should never lose hope in life. (Watch below Inspirational Video)

(Source via: @Youtube)

Amir Hussain

Amir Hussain Lone (image source: Google)

He is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar and says, “I am a supporter of Sachin Tendulkar. He is my inspiration and I want to play like him. My dream is to play for the national team.”

I’m sure An Armless Indian Cricketer’s story Will Inspire Everyone To Chase Their Dreams.

Use “Retweet With Comment” Feature & Share your Thoughts on Twitter!

Use “#Retweet With #Comment” Feature on @Twitter

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Twitter has left big mark on the Internet as one of the best micro blogging websites that let us share our thoughts in just 140 characters. As we know that it can contain text, photos, and videos and there are millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.

I far as I believe, there is only one big disadvantage of this social networking website. And it is the character limit. I have felt several times that due to limitation of characters, it becomes to difficult to express myself in a precise 140 characters. For this reason, Twitter has lots of dead accounts as people are not able to connect with Twitter’s philosophy of 140 characters.

Now, This disadvantage is no longer with us as Twitter has recently launched its new feature “”retweet with comment”. This feature will allow you to tweet of others as a quote along with…

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Twitter Fixed The Quote Tweet Button

Today when I tweeting on Twitter from @letsnurture (One of the Best IT Company, Ahmedabad, India) find out Twitter is finally fixing the quote tweet button.

The quote button now embeds the tweet instead of just quoting it as text.

Previously, when we click “quote tweet” on mobile, it just loaded the text of the entire tweet into the compose window. Now it’ll embed the tweet instead.

With this new change, We can use 116 characters to add our comments.

Quote Tweet Button

(This new quote tweet button is rolling out to iPhone and Web users yesterday and coming for Android users in the near future – Report )

LinkedIn Update: The New Design Spotted on the LinkedIn Page

#socialmedia: #Linkedin Latest Design Update

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LinkedIn design has some change the appearance in its latest update just before few hours. You can clearly observe that the Like, Comment and Share buttons are now glowing in dark blue. Previously all these buttons were in grey color and now they are turned to bluish color.

LinkedIn Updates its Design:

Just before few hours I found that LinkedIn has added few new options to show your profile stats at the top of the home page in a different way. The overall view of the page has been changed which gives a fresh look to your profile’s home page. Right below the profile, the LinkedIn Pulse has also changed a bit in appearance. See the below image, you will understand it quite easily:

LinkedIn Update of Design

Few Floating Changes:

It was also observed that few ads flow down as you scroll the posts on the page. The people celebrating their anniversary were also…

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